Color Matters Blog: Welcome to Spectrum Art - Your Ultimate Design Color Guide!

Hello fellow color lovers!

We're thrilled to present to you Spectrum Art and our first post on the "Color Matters Blog". If you're into web design or DIYing your own website, Spectrum Art is a platform specifically crafted for you, focusing on the use and impact of color in design.

At Spectrum Art, you can discover:
  • Website Color Schemes: Here you'll find detailed color schemes covering every element on a website. From headline colors and background hues to secondary buttons and card outlines, you can understand how successful websites use color.
  • Color Shade Collections: We offer a curated range of color shades handpicked by top designers. Dive into different hues and their nuances, making your color selection process more informed and precise.
  • CSS Gradient Collection: A diverse collection of CSS gradients is at your disposal. Add depth and interest to your websites with these expert-selected gradients.

But we're not stopping there! We've made it even more convenient for you. Not only can you copy the color codes, but you also have the option to download gradients and colors in a handy PNG format.

Spectrum Art is a labor of love from a team of design enthusiasts who have a deep passion for colors. We believe that color is a key player in design, and we want to help you make the best color decisions in your design projects.